Brands are doing things different in 18'

We've noticed an awesome trend starting ta' happen round here, excuse our grammar. Brands are no longer just copying and pasting designs. Or to put it another way, no more cookie cutter designs or icons. They want the real thing. they want cutting edge designs that are tailored to their specific brand and not to mention gifs, but they also want their own branded gifs that will generate leads and promote their brand accross the board. It's awesome!

We are excited about this as digital creators, this means more content to dish out and it really means we get to spread our wings and try different things. We love it. For years social media and small business trends have been copy and paste ads and content creators not spending time on creativity but using templates and images to get their point accross. Now, thankfully the market is changing. Social media is not falling for wannabee's or lackluster content creators, they want the real thing, so creators beware, If you are looking to break through onto the scene, you need to be more creative. YouTubers and live streamers alike, you need to be a bit more original.

That's where we come in as a design group, we can help make your own image, not like others but your own. Not copy paste or template based, but your own brand will generate the views and place you at the top of the mountain when those that are still struggling to reach high's or actually getting lower. Take advantage of this new trend, or movement I would say. Make your brand pop out and use different tactics. study your opponent and master the art of originalism. 

Good luck trend setters!!!!