Interview with Owner and operator of RW-GFX - David V. a.k.a. Righteous

 Is it hard to do what you do?

David - No, I find it very easy, but I strongly believe you have to love what you do, so that it can come easy. Even the hard parts.

Are there projects you don't do?

David - Not necessarily, I did happen to come accross several clients that want a successful e-commerce store and they want it designed and developed for wayyyyy less. At times I can come up with solutions but when it's time to crunch numbers I shouldn't allow myself to be underpaid just to deliver. So for those, I must decline.

How many people do you work with?

David - Most of the times, it's me. I do all of the ads and marketing and also reaching out to potential clients, I may from time to time have my son do some leg work but I also outsource some projects if they are in need of a special touch. I have a solid designer that I go to as well.

Are you looking to stay small or grow into a large firm?

David - The thought of running a "large" firm has not come accross my mind. I like where we are right now, although I know the future calls for expanse, I am by no means a business expert so staying my lane is quite alright with me.

Are there any trends from other countries that you see fitting into the design trends in America?

David - The one thing that stayed with me after college was, design has many faces and accross the globe design is very distinct. I came accross a design from Crocs UK one day and noticed, how amazing yet so simple a design was, that it made me wonder, is this all you need to do to capture the people's attention? I will send you the link

Crocs London

How important is formal design education? 

David - It is very important. If I can break it to you simply, it elevated me as a designer to find out what I was doing wrong and how to improve, but an education in design has done so much more for me. From the history to typography and colors, it has definitely changed my approach to design. 

Last question: Do you ever think you will design for a large corp.???

David - Yes, I think Small businesses are great and they always come back. A larger corporation may only need my design skills once but I am opened to learning how to handle a larger client with contract negotiations or even with freelance contracts.