The importance of Branding accross all social media platforms as a Content Creator.

As the world changes and demand for Content Creators become more sought after in the world of marketing. It is highly important for Creators and online influencers to brand in all social media outlets. I can't stress enough how I believe the market of todays consumer is built within people they trust and brands they are fully aware of. 

Brand relationship and Brand awareness has a whole lot to do with how people react and whether they want to help spread the word or become a part of a growing network. Consistent Branding accross Social platforms gives consumers more information about your brand and what you are all about. Knowing the different Platforms and knowing how to reach your audience on each platform will help generate leads and if you are a content creator like myself, will help generate viewership and followers.

I know many creators, streamers and even B2B entrepreneurs that have stayed within the comfort box and have not created multiple accounts accross all social media because of the fear of having to do so much. The worst of them is the one's that are so adamant about one brand that they fail to see the advantage of another platform just because they want to stay faithful to one.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are absolutely free to use and reach a potential number in the millions of would be clients, viewers and followers on a daily basis. This means if you have consistent and valuable content, the word of your conent can spread so fast it can make your head spin.

We, all get it. Some geniuses spend money to get their brand out there, companies like @R_MediaWorks specialize in branding and making sure you are ready to step foot into the world of Social media as an influencer and content creator. We can help with making sure you are posting the right kind of content for each platform and help with growing your followers. But, this can all be done on your own with a little time and energy every day. So, the question is, would you want some one to handle the tedius work for you while you concentrate on doing what you love, or would you try and do it yourself?

Either way, it needs to be done. An online presence is in the word "presence" itself. you need to be felt, you need to let your presence be known. 

The word Presencethe state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing.

Brands lose their presence for many reasons including budget cuts. I honestly believe the budget doesn't have to be large to let your presence be felt. 

A social media influencer that has grown on Instagram and only uses intagram because it makes them money, will probably commit suicide if today instagram announced they are no longer a company. Some people make an awesome living on just posting pictures, but what if tomorrow it's gone then what? You are no longer a brand! but if you market your brand accross all platforms and keep yourself relevant to the online communities out there, your brand will reignite no matter what fails in the future. 

I really hope to see many of my long time friends, content creators and influencers take heed to this. because in the long run it will help. Keep building your brand accross all platforms and if you game on one system such as PS4 and don't use the Xbox because Microsoft sucks in your opinion, you're losing the point. you're only cheating yourself. Try it all, get yourself on all communities and see for yourself how well it does for your brand.